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Eye wear is as much about choice and style as any other aspect of fashion and, happily, at Harbord Opticians the possibilities are endless. We have an exciting and extensive choice of spectacles from all of the leading brands and a team of specialists only too pleased to help and advise. Sunglasses really are the fashion accessories that reflect your personality; cool, fun, serious, stylish... you tell us. Difficulty in finding frames to fit? We are able to provide bespoke frame fitting, measurement and design.

What's more, as an independent specialist we have no obligations to any one manufacturer and our prices are both reasonable and affordable. Come along and see us.


We use a small independant glazing house for our spectacles. Sending your prescriptions to a small lab gives us great control over the quality and choice of lenses. If you prefer to use your own frames, we can send them to the lab by return courier and have them glazed within a few days.

We dispense from a wide range of lenses such as Essilor, Seiko and Zeiss lenses. These specialist lenses are recommended on an individual basis and tailored to your prescription needs above all else. The latest innovation of anti-fog lenses has been a great advantage since mask wearing became commonplace.

If your spectacles are broken please bring them in. We can often repair frames or find replacement parts while you wait. We are very used to repairing or replacing children’s frames on a regular basis.

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